The Feminist Party is a new grassroots initiative which aims to put women’s rights at the centre of UK electoral politics. We are tired of waiting for the mainstream political parties to prioritize women’s rights.

We will not wait patiently for yet another report to be commissioned while mere lip service is paid to issues critical to women’s physical safety, health and economic security. Across the board, existing parties have failed to level gender inequality despite decades of attempts at reform.

Even though women have struggled tirelessly over the last two centuries to win real gains, the current system has shown itself to be implacably resistant to placing women on an even footing with men. We want to transform the system from within by placing the rights and needs of the overlooked half of the population at the centre of our strategies. Those rights and needs will never drop off our agenda while other, supposedly more important, issues are prioritized.

¬†We believe the time is right for this initiative. Women’s rights cannot wait.



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