The Feminist Party was formed in November 2012 by a group of people united by a shared commitment to the economic, legal, educational and cultural equality of women and girls in the UK.

Women are at the heart of our society. As workers, mothers, partners, professionals, consumers and voters they provide the backbone of both the economy and the community. Yet women are often on the margins of policymaking, their needs and priorities either ignored or taken for granted. We aim to redress that balance by putting women’s needs at the centre of our policy program.

Too often since the last election have we seen women shoulder the brunt of the government’s desire to undermine the British welfare state; it is imperative that we offer a solid, well though out raft of policies that will reverse the erosion of women’s rights, economic security and legal protection.

We have spent the last six months putting together a clear feminist political agenda which makes concrete policy proposals.

With enough public support and financial backing, we will raise these issues in the 2015 elections. Eventually, we will raise them in Parliament.

Will you join us in revitalizing UK party politics? With your energy and support, we can make real progress.


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