Data Protection Policy

Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy

1. The Feminist Party is committed to protecting and promoting the online safety of women and offering support when they suffer online misogynistic abuse.

2. To operate effectively, The Feminist Party will sometimes need to collect and use information about volunteers, visitors to the website comment page and forums and those who send direct messages via twitter. The information will include email addresses of volunteers. Those using our blog or Twitter page will only be subject to us collecting the name they provide us with. We do not access or retain IP addresses or email addresses of those submitting comments to the blog without their permission. In the collection, storage and use of this information, The Feminist Party recognise their responsibility to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, which regulates the use of personal data.

This responsibility is not restricted to sensitive data but applies to all data, twitter usernames, the names used for website comments.

In circumstances where we retweet or post screencaps we do so in accordance with the rules of Twitter. We may save such images as they belong to the volunteers and administrators who work for the sites- the images remain available as per the responsibility and ownership of Twitter once posted. We do not have the ability to remove them from Ownership of Twitter once they have been posted. We may remove them from our sites if expressly asked.

The Data Protection Act (1998)

The Act establishes very high standards for the handling of personal information, thereby protecting individual rights to privacy. The act regulates how personal information is collected, handled, stored and used and applies equally to personal information held both electronically and on paper.
As a not for profit organisation The Feminist Party does not have to inform the Information Commission that they hold personal data about individuals and are not legally obliged to register under the Data Protection Act 1998 .

However, voluntarily we strive to adhere to the following eight principles of “good information handling” which are intrinsic within the Data Protection Act 1988 and include ensuring that:

  1. Data is processed fairly and lawfully

  2. Data is processed for specified purposes only

  3. Data is adequate, relevant and not excessive

  4. Data is accurate and up to date

  5. Data is not retained for any longer than is necessary

  6. Data is processed in accordance with the rights of individuals

  7. Data is kept securely

  8. Data is not transferred outside the European Economic Area unless the country can demonstrate adequate legal protection and security for that data.

The Feminist Party is fiercely committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our members. We will at all times strive to protect the identity of members, volunteers and administrators. It is important to us that anonymity is retained as far as possible to protect those volunteers administering the sites from those with malicious intent.

We will NEVER reveal any personal or private information which reveals the identity of users beyond that revealed by themselves (this will therefore exempt their twitter username or name registered to comment on the blog.)

The information you share with us will not be shared with any other organisation or body other than in the standard way by using Twitter. In order to operate on Twitter we have to abide by their rules and their Data Protection policy. If you are a user you will have subscribed to this independently of The Feminist Party.

We have a strict policy for our administrators and strictly monitor who can access the twitter account @TheFemPar and the website. We are committed to ensuring all of our group are fully aware of their responsibilities under the Data Protection Act 1988.


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