What We Stand For

The Feminist Party aims to reflect the concerns of women’s groups across the nation, building upon the long history of women’s struggle to be visible and valued as citizens.

We recognize that not all women agree on every feminist issue, and that our circumstances, our values and the opportunities open to us are varied. The Party makes demands which speak to the structural oppression which is common to all women. Whatever our race, class, ability, or sexual orientation, we are each confronted by one or more forms of discrimination and violence which limit or destroy our lives in deeply unjust ways.

The Feminist Party looks at the conditions of women’s lives, particularly women whose voices are not easily heard. Whatever the differences in our situations, we all experience the resistance of institutions to accommodating us on an equal footing and recognizing our rights.

This Party has a vision of a society in which a person’s sex does not mark her out for unjust treatment.

The Party works in solidarity with women across the globe. Key elements of this are our anti-military and anti-globalization positions.


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